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I’m always astonished at how much good a weekend away can do for my overworked, tired soul; it’s only two days, but it can make a world of difference. And each time I go away, I ask myself why I haven’t done it in such a long time.

With Rustig being only a 90-minute drive from Pretoria, we didn’t have to worry about a long drive there or back. I enjoyed lying in the lush garden of Rustig against the slopes of the majestic Magaliesberg and letting my body release all the tension and stresses of the week.

Rustig 3

After lying around in the garden, we decided to take on the 13km hiking trail into the mountain. This would usually take me just over an hour or, if it’s really technical, two hours at the most. However, this 13km took us three and a half hours. Impossible, right? Well, the route takes you up and down the steep mountain – twice! My legs and derriere were burning so much that after about two and a half hours I couldn’t take one more step. But it was worth it as we were surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature, and we even saw two Verreaux’s Eagles at the edge of a cliff preparing their nest: what a royal sight.

Rustig 1

Things to do:

  • Bush breakfast: enjoy a relaxing early morning game drive, and stop for a delicious breakfast at sunrise.
  • Picnics: these are a hot favourite. Enjoy an afternoon of fun in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Game drives: Rustig has a variety of animals on the farm for you to enjoy during either of the two daily game drives.
  • Hiking trails: choose from 3km, 5km and 13km hikes.

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Words: Zena le Roux
Images: Supplied





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