Words: Anne Schauffer

When it comes to security, your home is unique. Yes, there are commonalities, but generally, your perimeter or whether you’re single or double storey – and a host of other factors – all play a role in the customisation of a security solution.

Homemation’s Warren Husband prefers to make a site visit to assess a home and to talk through current and cutting-edge solutions and technologies: “It’s also important that a client understands what the solution offers them when the system is installed.” Husband believes security should be viewed in layers. “Alarm systems, CCTV systems, smart locking systems, fire and smoke detection, security gates and shutters, and smart lighting can all be included in to make the home more secure.”

He’s enthusiastic about the options offered by the product Control4: “Control4 allows all these individual systems to come together to make the home even smarter, so the home owner can access and control these systems individually or orchestrate multiple events to take place as an automated response to a security threat.”

Technology meets armed response

“Modern technology is the game-changer in the fight against crime,” says Agnieszka Gryn, regional executive, Fidelity ADT. “Modern South African consumers are shifting towards wanting more control of their home and home security. To this end, it is now also possible to control all aspects of a home system from your mobile phone. We recently introduced two new products which put the power in your hand – literally. They allow homeowners to activate and deactivate alarm zones and monitor every aspect of the system. It’s also possible to view a live video feed of your outside perimeter.” The lighter, entry-level product is SecureHome and effectively acts as a keypad for your security system outside of the home. The more advanced product, SecureConnect, essentially turns your house into a full-on smart home, offering not only a range of security features, but also the ability to turn off other IOT devices such as a pool pumps, security lights and even your coffee machine. Using geolocation technology, SecureConnect can even automatically arm the alarm when you’re 5km away from home. These products are monitored through a central monitoring station with armed response.

Automated Responses and security measures

Automated responses is only one feature of Control4. Husband says, “When you have an automated home as offered by Control4, the homeowner can benefit from multiple services in their home, each responding to an alarm trigger. For example, when the alarm system triggers, the Control4 system displays the CCTV camera that looks over the area that triggered, while activating lighting in the home and flashing outdoor lights, to alert those outside of the trigger. While this is going on, the garden irrigation system can be triggered to scare off any animals that might have set off the alarm to avoid another false alarm.

“How about having the peace of mind to know that when you arm the alarm before going to sleep at night, all doors in the home are closed and locked? Any security doors can also be automatically closed and locked,” he explained.

Safe and sound?

It’s one thing securing your home when you’re in it; another when you’re not. Husband describes the built-in virtual occupancy component of Control4: “Your home can simulate your occupancy while you’re away on holiday. The system can learn your patterns and rhythms while you are home, then replay them while you are away, including lights, and audio/video zones so that if your home is being watched, it will appear as though there is someone inside.”