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It’s supposed to be a secret but I couldn’t keep it to myself. Secret Sunrise is a combination of a party, dance, silent disco, occasional yoga session, meditation and much more.



There aren’t many things that would motivate me to voluntarily wake up before sunrise. A grumbling tummy might cause me to forage, but other than that not much gets me out of my cosy cocoon. Having that said, though, I would drag myself out of the warm comforts of my bed for the chance to dance my way into a new day because I love to dance as much as I love to sleep.

Life in the city is fast paced and the days often bleed into each other. Secret Sunrise lovingly provides a space where you can dance your daily worries away and connect with yourself and others in the judgment-free morning light.

Described as the “most epic way to start a day in the 21st century”, Secret Sunrise begins at sunrise (between 6am and 7:30am depending on the season) where upon arrival you receive a set of wireless headphones that are tuned into energising tracks from various genre’s . If you’re lucky you might even be treated to a spontaneous, invigorating yoga session, perfect for reviving those tired muscles.


Each venue is carefully selected so that the early risers can experience the city at its best and, of course, experience the first light of day. Previous venues have included Tokai Forest Market and Jordan Wine Estate in Stellenbosch (part of Secret Sunrise Stellies series). Secret Sunrise Cape Town however often make use of city rooftops (in the CBD) where panoramic views of the city can be seen, adding to the magic of the event. The venue is revealed 24-hours before the event, which adds to the secrecy.

The phenomenon of sunrise silent discos has caught on across the world and there is even a Secret Sunrise community in London. If you’re ever travelling around South Africa you can catch a Secret Sunrise in Joburg, Pretoria or Durban, so keep an eye on the Secret Sunrise Facebook page for upcoming events and updates.


I’m excited to see what the Secret Sunrise team have up their sleeves. I think a “secret sunset” would be a brilliant follow-on.

The next Secret Sunrise in Cape Town will be tomorrow, 9 June. Tickets are available from, ranging from R100 (early bird), R120 (general), and R140 (“share the joy”ticket).


Secret Sunrise Cape Town


Words: Lauren Albertyn | Images: Matthias Trebbin

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