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You may not judge a book by its cover in most walks of life, but with property, it’s instinctual. Apparently it takes around eight seconds for a buyer to know whether a home is for them or not. There are few prospective buyers who are able to look beyond that cover, and those able to do that are usually keen to renovate a property and tinker with your asking price.

Creating kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is crucial for those who want to sell quickly and receive their asking price. Effectively, great kerb appeal can increase the price.

Importance of photography

Many of today’s prospective buyers first search the internet before venturing out to explore further, and that means their first impression – the teaser, if you like – is reliant on your photographs. They really matter. If you don’t have the skills, it’s worth every cent to pay a photographer to capture the best of your home (you can even supply your estate agent with a set). It’ll undoubtedly increase the traffic to your door.

sell property smart

Act like a buyer and walk around your property. Be hyper critical about cleanliness and the condition of absolutely everything. Grubbiness and poor maintenance is not just unappealing, it shouts “unloved”. Get a second opinion – we become accustomed to our homes, and objectivity flies out the window. If you have a smoker or dogs/cats in your home it’s vital that somebody honest tells you if odours linger. Declutter (ruthlessly), and fling open all curtains/blinds/shutters and let the light in. In South Africa, sunlight and space are prized – declutter the smallest apartment and the space is instantly enlarged. Remove tiny pot plants, aim for statement pieces, and get that bike out the lounge.

Sprucing up outdoors

Outdoor areas, particularly the garden, are major drawcards. Trim your lawn’s edges, spruce up your flowerbeds with colourful flowers, even all-white blooms are effective. Solar lights lining pathways look great.

selling property smart

Kerb appeal matters, and that’s right from outside your gate – your house number, your driveway and your front door. Pay attention to the small things, from taps to towels. It pays dividends.

To do:

  • Cleanliness and maintenance: elbow grease, a high-pressure hose and a carpet/upholstery cleaning company on speed dial. Your interior, garden, paths, garage doors, roof, and windows should be free of dirt and mildew; likewise your woodwork, pot-plant containers, doors, tiles, carpets and fencing.
  • Freshness: indoors and out, paint in neutral contemporary colours.
  • Life: fresh flowers in large glass vases; hale and hearty-looking indoor and outdoor plants, green grass, sparkling-blue swimming pool, and clear water in ponds and birdbaths.

Words: Anne Schauffer | Images: Pixabay

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