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As a seller, there are certain aspects that you can and can’t control. By controlling these aspects you can ensure that your property is in the best possible condition before it gets placed on the market. Uncontrollable elements should be considered by buyers before purchasing a home as they will have an influence on both the value and appreciation of their property over time.

Selling Property Tips: Controllable Factors:


This is the most influential external factor that has an impact on your home’s potential resale value. You can make your house the most beautiful house on the block, but you still can’t change where it sits. Factors like its proximity to shopping facilities, recreational activities, and good schools are all part of its value to potential buyers.

Future plans

Look at what the plans are for your neighbourhood as well as the condition it’s in. This is out of your control, but you can avoid being stuck in a neighbourhood you know is going to become something undesirable in the future. The condition and general upkeep of your neighbourhood will also impact on the property values – don’t make an investment in a neighbourhood that’s going downhill.

Poorly executed renovations

Make sure any renovations have been kept up to date and up to standard, as well as professionally. Dodgy workmanship or DIY jobs can be a serious turn-off – don’t let it happen in your home. Consider that renovations can add value to your home, but if they are specifically to your tastes, other buyers may not be interested.

Off-Street parking

Parking space in heavily populated regions can be a total mood kill. The availability of parking in a cramped area can add a big number to your value. This will help any buyer into making their decision.

It doesn’t take much to decide whether you like a property, which makes it oh-so-important to make a good first impression. It’s often the case that buyers will see a couple of homes before they decide on the one they want to settle in. This means that making a good first impression could mean making the sale. Make sure you take the right steps towards a better home for any buyer.

Words: Meaghan Essel
Images: Supplied

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