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Words: Anne Schauffer Images: Supplied

You’re probably unlikely to revamp your home solely for the cooler months ahead, but if it’s time for a revamp, or you enjoy warming up your colder colours with elements to accommodate the seasonal change, here’s some good advice from the pros.

Decorating for autumn Lisa Edwards, Lisa M Interiors, suggests, “If you want to give your home an autumn makeover, be sure to make use of warm oranges, golden yellows and earthy tones. This doesn’t mean you have to paint an entire room, although one wall does make a bold statement. A single wall painted in an earthy tone (Plascon’s Beeswax Candle Y1-B1-1 is a gorgeous earthy yellow), paired with neutral and natural furniture and a plant or two, could be just the right combination to add spice and warmth to the area. Textures, too, do the trick – small items such as highly textured throws and scatters, rugs with higher piles, small objets in autumn hues, all add ingredients to the creation of a warmer and cosier space. Clever lighting will always amplify the warmth you’ve created in an autumn makeover.”

Colouring for autumn

Forget the more is more concept. Plascon’s Luxury colour story takes a new direction – a renewed appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. “Undeniably grown up, this look takes us back to a slower pace of life where old-world values take centre stage. Imagine a calm reading nook or a soothing bathroom, a home where you can catch your breath, is what

Luxury aims to achieve,” says Plascon head of decorative marketing Katlego Kondlo. “Luxury’s autumnal colours take their inspiration from the mid-century period, that design era of clean lines and uncluttered spaces that continues to be so popular now. Feature colours include rich gold Beeswax Candle (Y1-B1-1), Golden Lake (Y5-C1-3) and dignified Black Bean (71), while cobalt blue Winter Storm (B3-B1-2), deep purple Dark Antelope (P7-E1-1) and burnished red Burnt Horizon (R7-B1-1) add the pops of colour as accents. Katlego says, “Berry Good (P1-A2-3) and Ravine (62), our neutral of the year, are the neutrals which provide a soothing backdrop for this colour scheme. The other six colours, including blues, reds, yellows and browns, give mid-century designs a modern look whether you’re going for an elegant, upbeat or authentic look.”

Give your darks a little shine

Dark interiors are here to stay, and are great for that cosy feeling in the cooler months without compromising on sophistication. In a kitchen, consider Plascon’s dark brown Black Bean on walls, floors and doors offsetting it with wooden accents and shiny copper fittings to avoid it being too brooding.

Part of the Luxury palette, neutral of the year Ravine (62) is a blend of beige and grey and creates a versatile backdrop for just about any decor scheme. It’s the ideal blank palette on which to paint autumn.

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