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Words: Lucy Sarah O’Connell | Images: Denise Malone

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race, rejoice! For the first time ever, South Africa will be getting a personal taste of the iconic drag runway as Bianca Del Rio, hilarious comedian and winner of the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, will be taking to the stage in Joburg for just one night.

For those familiar with RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality show that sees drag queens competing to be America’s next drag superstar, getting to see one of its biggest successes up close and in person is a bit of a dream come true.

Since the TV show first launched way back in 2009, it’s developed a bit of a cult following, with viewers becoming heavily invested in the lives, the drama, and the “fabulousity” of its contestants.

Bianca Del Rio, the drag persona of Roy Haylock, became well known not just because of her win in the sixth season, but also because of her incredible talent as a fiercely funny comedian. Having sold out performances in the USA, UK, Ireland, and Australia, it’s about time that she shared her personal brand of comedy with South Africa.

Blame It on Bianca Del Rio taps into all the aspects that make Bianca’s performances so very memorable – a stand-up show that highlights her snarky frankness, impeccable comedic timing, and politically incorrect humour, all done in her famously loud and proud fashion. But while Bianca’s no-holds-barred commentary and raucous delivery might help to carry the performance, the intelligence and cutting truth behind her jokes, are what really keep audiences laughing long after the curtain has come down. But be warned – it’s not a show for the faint of heart, and it’s definitely not a show for kids!

A self-proclaimed “clown in a dress”, Bianca’s show is worth buying tickets for whether you’ve long been in love with the art of drag, are a comedy addict, or even if you’re new to both scenes. Either way, Blame It on Bianca Del Rio promises sharp wit, dismembering humour, perceptive comedy, and overall an unforgettable, humbling experience. Taking place on 11 August at the Teatro at Montecasino, buy your tickets now at Computicket.

Blame It on Bianca Del Rio
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