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We bring you the hottest bathroom trends from those in the know

The bathroom was primarily about function. Today, however, it’s a space designed to be a standout feature in its own right. Kyle Turner from Luximo, supplier of the international highend sanitary ware brand, Roca, sheds some light on the main trends influencing bathroom design.

Organic is back

“Designers and homeowners are emulating Mother Nature as the ultimate source of design inspiration,” says Kyle. “Organic elements add warmth, uniqueness and a rich tactile sensation to the overall composition – wood, stone, metal and ceramics remain popular. These materials bring nature into our homes and, to stay within budgets and ensure easy maintenance and longevity, numerous indistinguishable imitative products are gaining traction. These are used to great effect when juxtaposed with modern materials and super clean, streamlined design lines that offer a practical and simple arrangement of spaces.”

Leading colours

Darker, more moody tones are making a huge comeback throughout the home, and the bathroom is no exception. “Darker tones, especially the rich palette of grey hues, are enormously popular, used on walls and floors, and juxtaposed against brilliant white sanitary ware,” says Kyle. “Matte, nude and neutrals offer the perfect combination when paired with darker greys and blacks, and offer a great way of introducing contrast to the overall colour palette. Combinations of pastel tonalities in blue, green, salmon and ash are also on the rise, but only when used as accent tones. The classic all white, monochromatic bathroom never seems to go out of fashion.”

Metal and marble mania

“Marble cladding on the walls and metal accessories in gold or copper are bang on trend,” says Kyle. “There’s been a stylish revival of this ’70s aesthetic. Brass has really become the most fashionable metal for the bathroom, and makes an irresistible combination when paired with marble.”

Play with geometry

The trend of geometric shapes inspired by the strong lines of architectural and structural elements has really come to the fore with regards to tiling and ceramic cladding. “Hints of the Orient and Mediterranean are being introduced in a modern and dynamic way in new bathroom tile ranges.

Look at the rising popularity of the hexagonal tiles for wall and floor coverings. It’s a very popular design combination with multiple variations able to be interpreted in many ways.”

Deluxe showers

The bath has traditionally taken centre stage in bathroom design, but there’s a move to replace it with a super luxurious, grand shower. Showering is water-efficient, quick and easy, and provides the opportunity for stress-free ‘me time’. Right from the shower walls, shower heads and taps, you can customise your shower according to your budget and needs.

Saving water

Water-efficient sanitary ware is a must. “You use more water in the bathroom than all the other rooms in your home combined. There are a few innovative products well worth examining, one being the exclusive Roca W and W, which reuses water from the basin to fill the cistern after filtering it, further reducing water consumption by up to 25%,” says Kyle.

Top 5 tips for tiles:

  • Use your dream tile as your starting point
  • Don’t use more than three different types of tile
  • Pick one standout tile that shows off some personality
  • Take maintenance into account when you pick your tiles
  • Think long-term and pick something that will work now and in five years

Words: Anne Schauffer | Image: iStock

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