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When it comes to work, the pandemic-induced lockdown has resulted in a surge of telecommuting, with businesses across the country quickly accepting the work-from-home environment to flatten the curve.

“Given the increased adoption of smart technologies, as well as the remote working trend, many South Africans realise the importance of upgrading their current home-tech solutions,” says Richard Gray, CEO, Harcourts SA.

A smart home is a setup where the internet connects all devices and appliances, giving the customer remote access of and control over everything inside their house using a phone or other networked device.

Home integrated technology is becoming one of the biggest trends.

“With just the touch of a button, people can now command every device in their homes, from anywhere in the world. Taking into consideration that the pandemic has caused people to rely more heavily on technology, we’re likely to see more and more South Africans embracing an automated home solution,” he predicts.

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