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By now, most of us are bored to tears by Eskom’s ongoing supply woes and would rather have an eyebrow threading session followed by a taxidermy seminar than have another conversation about load shedding and the pros and cons of going “off the grid”.

So I won’t go there. Except that I kind of have to because one can’t write about theLAB guesthouses and not talk about the most important feature: these are proudly green establishments. The locations are managed to be as carbon neutral as possible – solar technology heats the water and provides electricity, and the recycling system ensures as little waste as possible is created. This is done by providing guests with drinks on tap at the bar and still and sparkling water in reusable glass bottles. The on-site vegetable gardens also provide guests with delicious farm-fresh fare.

The three properties, set across the Western Cape in Robertson, Franschhoek and Hout Bay, are perfectly situated so guests can enjoy the best these three spots have to offer, including award-winning wine and food, and some of the best sightseeing and activities the province has to offer.

And the coolest feature of all? The rooms have an automation system with facial recognition and gesture control applications. Why would you need or want this? Because imagine staying in a room that can make you coffee, switch your TV and shower on and off, and close your blinds when it’s time for some shuteye.

Echo awaits your instructions. And she can execute them even if Eskom has decided to call it a day.


theLAB was named after the owners’ beloved Labrador, Einstein, who passed away at 16 years old. Tributes to him adorn the walls of all the properties.

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