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It’s been a day for feasting on food and drink for some 400 years, but time hasn’t diluted the revelry associated with commemorating St Patrick: the leading patron saint of Ireland. So green beer is, of course, a must on St Patrick’s Day on Thursday, 17 March, and while you won’t find it everywhere, you will certainly be able to enjoy Irish hospitality and a lager with a green shade at The Brazen Head in Cape Road, Mill Park.

St Patrick and Dublin

The pub and eatery franchise is named after Ireland’s oldest pub which dates back to 1198, so between the original watering hole in Dublin and St Patrick – who lived in the 5th century – that’s about 1 600 years of history all packed into one party.


What’s happening

On Thursday, there will be plenty of good cheer at The Brazen Head bar when patrons will not only be offered green beer, but also specials on the legendary Irish stout, Guinness, along with Irish Mist liqueur. It’s bound to have you feeling like you’re at a regular leprechaun convention. And on the food front, steak and Guinness pie and traditional Irish stew will complete the St Patrick’s Day picture.

Live music will be provided by the Bay City Rockers and the night is unlikely to pass by without at least one nod to U2, Foster and Allen and possibly a few other Irish music legends.


See for yourself:

The Brazen Head

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Words: Brett Adkins
Images: Eugene Coetzee


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