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One of the wealthiest areas in the country, Sandhurst is mainly populated with large and stately houses on big stands which means the density of the area is much lower than most neighbourhoods, adding to the peace and quiet Sandhurst is loved for.

Given the size (and related price tag) attached to Sandhurst properties, most houses are owned by established families and empty-nesters. Security complexes are available for those who want more manageable homes but are certainly out-numbered by the 50’s design-led residences.


As one can imagine, safety and security is paramount to those who reside here and you’ll find boomed entrances at every turn as well as a significant private response presence. Despite this secluded feel, Sandhurst is a hop, skip and a jump to the humming city centre and all the fabulous amenities it offers.

“We’ve lived in Sandhurst for five years and it offers the best of both worlds – access to the energy of the city and the peace of a real suburb,” says business development manager Daniel Rifkind.


You couldn’t be better catered for. Sandton City might seem like a significant expedition on the off -set, but once you’re parked inside there’s virtually no need left wanting. From chemists to Clicks, home decor to DIY, high fashion to kids entertainment; you can do the grocery shop, have a haircut, service your phone and buy dog shampoo, all under one roof.

Out and about

If your home base is Sandhurst and you have house guests for the weekend, they’re in for a treat, as the area really comes up trumps on any entertainment request.

Watch the sun go down on Friday with a G&T in hand on the Terrace of the Saxon hotel. Here you are surrounded by quiet luxury, lush gardens and the most delicious and well-considered bar snacks to complement your tipple.

Start Saturday morning off energetically as Rifkind does with a parkrun in either Bryanston or Atholl and reward yourself with a famous flat white at Bootlegger’s at The Marc.

After freshening up, hit the Diamond Walk in Sandton City for some highbrow shopping and pop the kids on the Hamley’s train as a fun distraction.

Saturday night should be spent indulging in the exquisite fare of any one of Sandhurst’s world-class restaurants. If you didn’t make the Saxon on Friday then book a table at Grei to experience their sophisticated, considered menu, or relax at Stelle in a warm, authentic Italian environment.

Round off the weekend with a walk in Mushroom Park with the dogs, a spa treatment at Renaissance and, if you’re lucky, a browse around the antique fair, where you may well pick up a treasure from another era.

Sandhurst is simply a treat – from its peace and space to its proximity to the dazzle of the wealthy Joburg city centre. And you don’t need to be a resident to enjoy it all – Sandhurst really does make a case for being a tourist in one’s own city.

It’s the unique blend of urban and suburban feel that makes Sandhurst such a special place DANIEL RIFKIND, RESIDENT


  • Renaissance Spa: celebrate your birthday in style with a ‘sparty’ in this five-star facility
  • Monthly Antique and Collectables Fair: SA’s longest running antiques fair; a lovely way to browse away a Sunday afternoon
  • The Saxon: even if it’s just one cocktail on the Terrace, every Joburger and friends deserve to experience the luxury of the Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa


  • Mushroom Park/Hyundai Sky Park: go and gaze upon the huge hot air balloon or enjoy the outdoor gym, earth garden and running tracks
  • Sandton City: browse the high-end boutiques like Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo; the perfect way to spend a rainy day
  • Sandton Public Library: an overlooked treasure trove of stimulation for kids and a respite from busy city life for parents


  • Stelle Restaurant: fine Italian cuisine; try the freshly-made gnocchi!
  • Olives and Plates Embassy: local and international food trends delivered in gorgeous surroundings
  • Grei: an unforgettable fine-dining experience in the world-class Saxon



Thinking of starting a new business or expanding your existing service into beautiful Sandhurst? Here are some considerations:

Audience: High-net-worth-individuals with families

Online or brick and mortar: Retail space will be costly in this area and since most residents will be connected and are likely to have embraced ecommerce, an online offering may be the most cost-effective route to market

Potential custom: The affluence of the area indicates a higher likelihood for non-necessity purchases and experiences

Marketing opportunities: Word-of-mouth will be important among this audience, as will proven quality and a differentiated offering. Make sure your business is positioned as personalised and unique for maximum PR.

Other considerations: Restaurants and cafes might seem an attractive investment, but keep in mind the number of five-star offerings here, the turn-over of new establishments and the ‘tired’ factor – the drop off of interest after the novelty has worn off.

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