The forthcoming summer decor trends lean towards a reflection of mindsets worldwide

Odette Uys, Eye Candy Interiors, believes summer 2018 will be all about connecting with our inner nomad.

“I like the phrase ‘nomadic time traveller’, where nothing is off limits. We’re borrowing heavily from other eras and parts of the world and bringing together elements that create something new, more than the sum of its parts.”

She says there’s a worldwide shift in consciousness, and it’s spilling into all areas. It’s about more artistry, authenticity, longevity, mindfulness, awareness and not being wasteful. There is an appreciation for all things handmade and artisanal, and a worldwide trend away from rampant consumerism, to more selective buying, she says.

Softer and simpler

Architecture and surfaces seem harder and more minimalistic, but in decor, there’s a clear Scandinavian influence of “hygge” and cocooning. The industrial influence may still be big, but it now meets naturals: for example, black metal or brass mixed with warm, rustic wood or marble. You’ll find large, soft throws, floor cushions and more rustic charm. “It’s about finding enjoyment in simple things and seeing the beauty in everyday objects,” says Odette. “Contrast is gorgeous and it’s what makes a room fascinating – the eternal play between masculine and feminine.”

Shapes and shine

Our love affair with metallics isn’t over. Copper is strongly mainstream, but in 2018, it’s going to be replaced with brassy metallics. Picture a throwback to bygone eras, leftovers from our fascination with all things steampunk.

“The same love of contrast goes for mixing different shapes. Previously, if you liked geometric shapes, you stuck to similar patterns and shapes in fabric and furniture. Now there is more freedom to mix round with geometric, soft with hard. Square sofas are giving way to softer, curvier lines.”

Colours and coverings

Colours have become rich and meaningful. From the darkest inky teals (ocean), moody charcoals and deepest emeralds (forest), to the juiciest watermelon (tropical), earthy terracottas, caramels and burnt oranges (desert/nomad). “The richness of the new colours reminds me of paintings by the old masters and the play of light and shade in chiaroscuro,” says Odette. Grey is still the much-loved, go-to neutral, but there’s a shift to warmer, earthier tones.

Wallpaper Accents

Wallpaper will still be huge in 2018, but it will cover entire rooms as opposed to just an accent wall. Organic and geometric designs will be big features. Odette believes unusual prints will rule and hand-painted or hand-drawn prints and designs will be a strong trend.

Hail the rise of the thin black line. It seems 2018 will feature black-metal-framed cabinetry, tables with black metal legs, black metal and glass hanging pendants.

Call back the past

Our mothers loved their pot plants, and we’re heading there too. The pot plant trend is on the rise, particularly in beautiful designer pot plant holders. And a library? Odette suggests a library wall is just as effective. In 2018, more than ever, there’s a clear sense of time travelling, borrowing elements from other eras and places to create something new, comforting and authentic.

King of the kitchens

Kitchens have reached rock-star status. So much attention is given to kitchen design, and the trends are sizzling hot. “In 2018, you’ll see even more avant-garde kitchen designs, like all-black cabinetry and walls, with an accent wall of white and grey veined book-ended marble. And loads and loads of (real) greenery,” says Odette.

Words: Anne Schauffer
Images: iStock