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Once a month on a Sunday Frederika Fourie, Lindè Watson and Sheila-Madge Bakker join forces to bring you the Sunday Pop-Up Eatery. An event that can turn a gloomy Sunday into the relaxed and rejuvenating day it was always meant to be.

With the help and guidance of Mareli Wassenaar from Capital Collective, Sunday Pop-Up Eatery has a whole year of spectacular Pretoria locations planned. All the guests gather around a long table, designed by Anthony Wilcocks, to enjoy a cosy afternoon, a gourmet menu and Pretoria at its best outside four walls.

Credit_ Nadine Uys _ I Love Pretoria 11-min

The story

It all started on a Sunday, when Frederika and her architect flatmate Gert, van der Merwe, were pondering where to go for Sunday lunch. With few choices for the intimate spot they had in mind they conjured up the idea of a Sunday-only lunch spot. Frederika, a content creator and strategist by day and foodie always, soon asked her friend, chef and Kokkedoor contestant, Lindè, to partner up to make the idea a reality.

As luck would have it one of their friends, fashion designer and creative, Sheila-Madge, was just as excited about the idea. She joined as their third partner and so the Sunday Pop-Up Eatery came to be.

Farewell summer

On Sunday, 21 February, Sunday Pop-Up Eatery will host its first lunch this year named Farewell Summer. Local fine artist, Andel Olivier, will give lunch customers a taste of what the event represents with her designs for the event: a floral ode to summer in which we bid farewell to the sunny season. Farewell Summer, held at the National Zoological Gardens, will include a thrilling cable car ride to the top of the hill where guests will be able to enjoy a three-course feast with a spectacular view of Pretoria. Guest can enjoy flavours such as smoked-pickled pork, home-made ricotta and preserved green figs from the gardens accompanied by live acoustic music by guitarist, Ruan Graaff.

What’s to come

Don’t fret if you won’t be able to attend Farewell Summer. The next event will be on 20 March, celebrating the harvest season. The day is also the Northward equinox, when the sun shines directly on the equator. Expect some scrumptious tuber and bulb varieties in an array of earthy winter flavours to welcome the change of season.

Credit_ Nadine Uys _ I Love Pretoria 12-min

Experience it for yourself:

Sunday Pop-Up Eatery

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Words: Rita-Mari Ludike
Images: Supplied

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