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As we cross the halfway mark for the year, the realisation of how quickly time has flown by starts to settle in. Panic flames up about all the things yet to be seen, heard, tasted and experienced. A good breakaway’s sustenance is parallel to that of a balanced meal. Time, however, is a commodity and who really has time to drive seven hours for a weekend away. These two five star hotels are not only a quick drive out of town, but they are also perfect for a bit of much needed down time.

The Orient

mosaic 1-compressedTravel time from Pretoria City Centre: 45 minutes

Be transported and indulge yourselves by spending an evening in the lap of oriental luxury. The Orient hotel is known for its excellent service and beautiful intricate wooden decor. The venue plays host to numerous exclusive art pieces. Surround yourselves with enchanting sculptures by taking a relaxing stroll through the Tienie Pritchard Museum. The hotel boasts an impressive art collection featuring works by Adriaan Boshoff Snr, Willem Hermanus Coetzer and Irmin Henkel. In addition to this you can spend your evening spoiling yourself with some of the finest food Gauteng has to offer. At Mosaic the menu is seasonal and offers a wide variety of selections prepared by renowned chef Chantel Dartnall.

Forum Homini

Standard_Luxury_suite_interior__1469094427_49611Travel time from Pretoria City Centre: 60 minutes

If you appreciate innovative, eco-friendly architecture, poetic landscapes and fine food then Forum Homini is perfect for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s colourfully decorated luxury suites are situated on a private game estate in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind. Also on the property is Roots, an acclaimed fine dining restaurant. As an added bonus, accommodation rates include a six-course dinner as well as a five-course breakfast for two per night. Forum Homini has embraced its historical location and conceptual artworks embodying the evolution of man can be found around every corner. Recharge on the patio while watching wildlife roam freely on the outstretched savannah-esque landscape or enjoy a massage in the privacy of your suite.


The Orient  

012 371 2902


Forum Homini

011 668 7000


Words: Rita-Mari Ludike

Images: Supplied

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