Erasmus Castle:
“The Haunted House”, as it is known among locals, is an imposing mansion that’s been shrouded in mystery and talk abounds about ghosts, supernatural encounters and paranormal activity. For example, it’s told that windows light up in this uninhabited building, and that moaning sounds can be heard at night. It is privately owned, but public tours and cultural gatherings can be set up on arrangement. Over the years, many exciting tales about this haunted property have lured ghost hunters. Another interesting draw card is the cave on the property, in which many pre-colonial artifacts have been discovered – such as San artifacts from more than 150 000 years ago and turquoise beads dating back to the traders from ancient Phoenicia.

The Moreleta-congegation:
It’s the biggest Dutch Reformed Church and dates from 1985, when it started as a small community gathering of only 1 200 churchgoers. These days, more than 14 000 people attend this church, that has had a great many additions over the years, such as a kindergarten and youth centre. What’s more, services in languages such as Tswana, Sotho and English were also introduced, and due to the popularity of services and the growth of the congregation, multiple services now cater for all congregants.

Wingate Park Country Club:
Thanks to the range of lovely trees and abundant plant and birdlife here, this lovely club was established in 1947 with quite a bang and the social picnic that day was attended by 1 000 guests. Horse riding was introduced in 1948 and the golf course (ranked as one of the top 50 in the country) was opened in 1951. These days, the facilities also include 6 tennis courts, bowling greens, cricket fields and a swimming pool. The very active road-running club is also extremely popular. The club offers a variety of specialised services, including executive 4-ball bookings, golf days, individual memberships,  sponsorship packages, functions for up to 300 people, group membership packages and corporate membership packages.