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Words: Tivania Moodley | Images: Supplied

Homemade fudge is a cultural nostalgia passed on through the generations, as a delicacy reserved for special occasions. Tasha Jardim wanted to create more of those special occasions every day and used her talent for cooking to take over as a third-generation fudge creator, creating Tasha’s Fudge.

How did your business start?

As a single parent, I needed to supplement my income and always had a talent for cooking. I decided to get involved in the family fudge business and took over it a few years ago where I decided to bring in new products and constantly innovate.

Why did you choose this area to set up shop?

I operate from Hilton, which is where I live. My shop is easily accessible from the highway. Although it is still in the country, it’s close enough to get the town vibe.

How did you find your premises?

Living in a little town, available shops were always advertised. I was unhappy with my previous premises and came across this shop and moved within a month.

Why are they ideally suited to your business?

The premises is ideal for manufacturing, but also central for clients to find us. There is plenty of parking and easy for staff to get to work.

Who are your neighbours?

A biokineticist and other retailers.

What are the shop rental / sales prices like in this area?

Competitive as the town is growing and spreading.

How many people go through your store each day?

My shop is in front of a factory, so the foot count varies. The shop is frequented by tourists who visit the Midlands Meander, school kids after school and general sweet lovers.

Do you have any expansion plans?

At this point no because the shop space is huge enough and I’ve recently extended our range this year with a popcorn and fudge product and a new fudge sauce.

Do you operate online as well?

I have a website where people can shop from, and an active Facebook page.

What’s your most popular item?

In general the original fudge which is packaged in many different forms: pieces, boxes, bars, tubs – we cater for all tastes. Our fudge sauce is also popular.

Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge
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