More than a passing fad, for many people, adopting the Banting way of eating has revolutionised their life. But eating out can be less than relaxing when you are trying to stick to the low-carb-high-fat (LCHF) approach, especially if you have to interrogate the waitress about the ingredients of every single dish. Cape Town is lucky to have several cafes and restaurants that truly understand Banting, where you can enjoy a relaxed meal without worrying about hidden carbs and even indulge in guilt-free dessert.


65 on Main

The first Cape Town restaurant successfully to go full on Banting more than a year ago, Whitney Wentzel’s vibrant cafe in Green Point has an extensive menu and enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. Known for their cauliflower pizzas, zucchini bases, bagels and delicious wraps, they also have an irresistible range of Banting-friendly sweet treats, including choc chip cookies and cheesecakes.


The Revolution

Paarl’s best-kept Banting secret, this friendly little deli and cafe, tucked away in the Link Centre near the Virgin Active, serves generous platefuls of LCHF meals, from butternut cottage pie and burgers to cooked breakfasts and luscious coconut porridge. There are also comfort-eating carb options for non-Banting eaters, so it’s a popular place where the whole family can eat healthily.


Ellie’s Deli @ The Noordhoek Cafe

A favourite leafy venue for a south peninsula breakfast or lunch with the family, Ellie’s Deli specialises in Banting fare, with curries, lasagnes and hearty lamb shank as well as all sorts of carb-free breads and muffins. Owner Elly Nield is passionate about good food and the LCHF concept, and she makes life easier for her customers by offering take-home deli foods and ready meals as well as bread premixes.


The Revolution Food Fair

Now running bimonthly at the Earth Fair Food Market in Tokai, this is a lively market of all things Banting, from breakfasts and lunches to baked goods, produce stalls and more. Shop, snack and indulge, knowing that everything here is Banting-friendly. The next market is on 26 July.


What, where who:

65 on Main
021 439 9559

The Revolution
021 872 7580

Ellie’s Deli @ The Noordhoek Cafe
021 789 1827

Revolution Food Fair
021 823 0149
083 657 5695


Words: Kit Heathcock
Images: Supplied


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