Ever want to see your local chefs in action, under pressure, running the kitchen and hearing the electric words “Yes, chef” as new orders come in? The Chef’s Table, Durban’s newest open-plan restaurant set in the hub of Umhlanga, gives diners a unique feasting experience.

Inspiration for The Chef’s Table

Inspired by their travels and restaurant experiences in New York and other cities around the world, restaurateurs Soti Sonitis and Sean Gray, created The Chef’s Table to be an open-plan kitchen. The open-plan kitchen is at the heart of the restaurant, which acts as a theatre for diners as they watch head chef Kayla-Ann Osborn and her team. This setup also gives the chefs a chance to stay connected to the energy of the diners.


“With The Chefs’ Table we wanted to create a special place where people can feel a connection to food. My first connection to cooking comes from my gran. As a small kid I had this inexplainable desire to help her in the kitchen; it filled me with such great excitement,” says Kayla-Ann.

“I feel like The Chefs Table is really all I could have ever asked for. It’s fresh, seasonal, edgy and a fantastic platform for a chef in the hub of busy Umhlanga. I have always loved Durban, I really couldn’t ask for more.”

The Chefs menu

The Chef’s Table menu is crafted almost daily around the seasonal, fresh and local ingredients provided by local suppliers and organic farmers. Dishes borrow traditions, techniques and styles from all over the world, and ultimately every ingredient is cleverly paired. Taste buds are taken on a journey with each dish presented, like the lemon and Parmesan risotto starter married with a pea purée, black pepper ice cream, mint gel and egg yolk.


Kayla-Ann’s food style is simple and each ingredient is treated with respect. “I believe that if you give due respect to your ingredients, they will show you their best colours, tastes and textures,” she says.

The Chef’s Table

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Words: Megan Deane | Images: Megan Deane & supplied

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