Select Page is a new kid on the block with a much more efficient way of buying and selling property

It’s been a long time in the making – 12 months of development followed by six months of beta testing – but officially launched on 1 September, and it’s here to shake things up. We speak with Shaun Minnie, CEO, about what makes the company different.

Why do we need another online estate agent?

We don’t – isn’t an online estate agent. Rather, we see ourselves as a property marketplace: a space for buyers to meet sellers, and sellers to meet buyers. We facilitate everything, you don’t have to do anything yourself, but we don’t insert ourselves unnecessarily into the process. We’re registered as an estate agency with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, but we view ourselves as so much more.

The property industry has been operating in a vacuum for the last 100 years, and not much has changed in all that time. In the last few years, there have been some advances, with online estate agents offering low-cost commission, but we wanted to create a much more efficient way of buying and selling property. Our solution is a full-service model empowered by cutting-edge tech.

What do you mean by cutting-edge tech?

Take a look at our website and you’ll see; we offer an online bidding system that lets buyers make an offer on a property 24/7 and see what other offers have been made. Sellers can accept or reject offers online, and also change their property’s listing price, or other details, from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. We offer information on sold properties so that you can see what properties sold in your area, and for how much. We always let you see the addresses of the properties you’re interested in without having to email or call us. We’ve tried to provide solutions for all those annoying things about buying or selling property in the past – making it a transparent, easy process.

Is the whole process online?

You can make and accept offers online, but the legal paperwork has to be signed in person. As far as listing properties, that’s up to you – it’s possible to list your property online and upload your own pics, but we also have a full-support team of experts (property consultants, admin and legal staff) who can do everything for you, including professional photography, drone and 3D images, and even floorplans. Essentially, we’re taking the best of digital and combining it with the best of the human touch.

Do you charge commission?

No, we don’t believe your investment should be diluted by a commission. We charge a single fixed transaction fee of R29,500. It costs the same to effectively market and sell a property, irrespective of the value.

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Words: Bridget McNulty
Images: Supplied

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