If Willy Wonka ever found his way to Durban, he’d hide out at the Lindt Chocolate Boutique, which you’ll find at store F160 at Gateway Theatre of Shopping. Upon walking in for the first time with a fellow chocolate enthusiast, my daughter, at my side, I half expected him to come bounding out to extol the virtues of the Swiss chocolate treats within the store.

The magic is in the moment

The Lindt store doesn’t need a mascot, for this shop’s magic lies in the experience. Meandering through the store, you’ll feast your eyes (and later, your stomach) on the chocolatier’s luxury range. Special ranges are created for seasons or events, and I quite enjoyed the Easter range. I’m still enjoying it, actually, but don’t tell anyone I have a secret stash of Lindt in my house.

Pick and Mix

If you were like me when I was growing up, you’ll remember that the highlight of joining mom while she did the groceries was being treated to the “pick and mix” sweet station inside a popular grocery store. My dad was quite fond of picking out his favourites too, and the Lindt store’s “Pick and Mix” station makes me wish my folks were here to see it. Picking out your favourite Lindor truffles and having them weighed and packaged feels a little like you’ve just given yourself a present, and I’m pretty intent on not sharing. The bonus, of course, is that you’ll only get your favourites this way, and no you don’t have to share.

A chocoholic’s heaven

Lindt8__1466688032_14381If I had my way, there’d be a Lindt store in every mall across South Africa, but I know there are stores in various cities across the country. Lindt’s retail manager, Catherine Abplanalp, retail manager, Lindt, says, “The Lindt Chocolate Boutique provides the unique environment in which the brand comes alive. Only in this fine chocolate place can shoppers discover, explore, experience and celebrate the ultimate Lindt chocolate delight with all their senses – living the enchantment of Lindt chocolate. This store also hosts the largest South African Lindor Pick and Mix station, from which consumers will be able to select custom combinations of their favourite Lindor flavours.”

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Lindt Chocolate Boutique

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Words: Cath Jenkin | Images: Supplied

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