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What do you get when you take a capsule of the best coffee around, a big dose of style and an extra large dollop of personalised customer care? Of course, it’s the Nespresso Boutique Cafe at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

Boutique Cafe

We were lucky enough to pop in to this spot in Gateway, and find out more about the Nespresso way of life. Chatting to Etienne Benet, CEO, Nespresso Africa, Middle East and the Caribbean, it’s obvious that the Nespresso business is about far more than just coffee. Etienne says: “One-on-one interaction with clients is important. We’re dedicated to the relationship between client and our brand.”

Personal service

The vast range of capsules and flavours on display will astound and surprise you. After three cups during my morning visit – including an incredible milk tart creation made especially for us – I was buzzing around the house with an extra kick in my step. But the Nespresso experience is more than just a caffeine buzz, as the knowledgeable in-store agents help you choose your best brew. They’ll take you through your likes and dislikes before helping you select your favourite capsule variety to take home and use in your Nespresso machine. During his chat with our gathering, Etienne remarked that only 1% of the world’s coffee crops qualify to be used by Nespresso, making it a rather exclusive, and delicious range of coffees.



The Nespresso Boutique Cafe is also a convenient spot for coffee fans to drop off their used aluminum capsules for recycling. Nespresso is committed to ensuring responsible recycling of its products, and, at present, 80% of capsules sold within the group are recycled. The aim is to recycle 100% of capsules sold by 2020. Dropping off used capsules for recycling is super simple. You pop them into a designated bin, and they’re taken to an aluminum recycling plant managed by Oricol. Once you’ve dropped off your used capsules, you can pick up your next batch. Don’t be shy to try the limited edition capsules!

Nespresso Boutique Cafe

031 566 3161

Words: Cath Jenkin
Images: Supplied

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