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The French call it Champagne, the Italians Prosecco, the Spanish Cava, South Africans MCC and it’s also known as bubbly, sparkling wine and champers. And if you want to pair it with oysters as well as other delectable food delights created by chefs and culinary experts, be sure to visit The Oyster, Wine & Food Festival next weekend from Friday, 31 August to Sunday, 2 September at The Stables in Chartwell, close to Broadacres.

Fresh West Coast oysters from the oceans of Saldanha Bay will be supplied by The Oyster Lady. Cultivated on a “floating farm” in the inner bay of Saldanha, these delicious bivalve molluscs have become legendary and sought after. For the most part, medium-sized oysters will be served, however, on the Oyster & Bubbly Deck, visitors can enjoy extra-large specimens.

Three of the finest Method Cap Classique (MCC) producers in South Africa will be present at the Festival, including Peter Falke wines, Domaine des Dieux and Kleine Zalze wines. The Wine Circle will host 40 quality wine estates that will comprise various small and unheard-of labels, as well as popular and recognised brands.

Diverse and tasty foods created by gourmet food traders will take visitors on a culinary adventure… luscious Mediterranean olives, smoked meats, creamy mature cheeses, halloumi that’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, oozing chocolate rolls, bottles of unforgiving chilli sauces, Portuguese prawn risottos, and a whole lot more, can be enjoyed at the Festival or taken home.

“The Oyster, Wine & Food Festival not only satisfies a visitor’s penchant for excellent food and beverages, but also offers guests the opportunity to participate in exclusive pre-booked events where knowledge is shared by experts,” says Judith Lee, spokesperson, The Oyster, Wine & Food Festival, and wine and gourmet food connoisseur.

The highlights of the three-day Festival include The Samp & Soufflé Oyster Dinner with legendary The Ultimate Braai Master personality Justin Bonello; the Wine Bitches Wine Theatre, an educational and historic journey of wine and tasting; as well as an exclusive seat in the VIP pavilion. As seats are limited, pre-bookings are essential. These can be made on the website at