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Words: Charis Le Riche | Images: Supplied

Located on Cape Town’s hippest foodie street, The Station on Bree has become the go-to spot for First Thursdays meet-ups, Tuning the Vine or a lively Friday or Saturday meal. It was a buzzing Thursday night when we were invited to sample the menu, atmosphere and live music.

As soon as you walk in, it’s hard not to notice the decor. Founder Neil Basel says the theme is “inspired by the underground stations of London itself and the colours, sights and sounds that each station has to offer.” The decor features the trademark Underground seating and a station map that covers the ceiling, with the stops named after musicians. There’s also a red telephone booth and even speakers in the bathroom playing the sounds of the Underground.

We were promptly shown to our table in the courtyard and were eager to see if the food lived up to the reputation of Bree Street. We were not disappointed. The menu is laidback with the focus on simple, tasty dishes with something for everyone. Neil describes the style of cooking at The Station as “no pretensions, easy comfort food, which appeals to the palates of a wide variety of people.”

We started with the London Hot Eye Beef Pan (cubed sirloin in a creamy peri-peri sauce, served with homemade ciabatta). I’m a huge fan of spicy food and loved that the flavours came through well without completely overpowering the dish or my palate for the next course.

For mains, we decided to go international – a true reflection, I think, of the melting pot that is London. We tucked into the Cuban grilled sandwich (filled with layers of gypsy ham, cheese, chorizo and zucchini pickles, served with fries) and the Chicken Kiev (smothered in a delicious creamy Parmesan and truffle mushroom sauce). This hit the spot and was the perfect comfort food for a night out on the town.

After our meal, it was time to enjoy the Cape Town nightlife with The Station’s weekly Thursday Reveal hosted by talented local musicians and internationally renowned DJ, saxophonist and percussion specialist, George Sax. Another delight is The Station’s gin menu, which offers visitors the chance to craft their own G&T, layering botanical flavours with an assortment of lively flavours.

What’s next for The Station? Neil tells us, “As we start heading into the change of season, we’ll start introducing the traditional elements of winter in London, which is synonymous with visiting this metropolitan city – from food and drinks to entertainment.”

For more information on The Station on Bree, phone 082 423 0549 or visit their website.

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