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At first glance you may be forgiven for thinking The Three Ducks is simply a coffee shop. However, when you walk into the restaurant you’re pleasantly surprised to find that it is more than that.

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The Three Ducks, also called Les Trois Canards in French, has a cosy atmosphere and on most days plays French music in the background adding to its authenticity. Keep an eye out for the fountain with three taps in the courtyard area, the colourful paintings inside and a wine cellar with over 100 bottles of wine in the inner fine dining area of the restaurant.

The Three Ducks serves handcrafted dishes with a fusion of French flavours prepared by award-winning Papa the chef from France, who has worked as a chef for 52 years in 26 countries. His passion and dedication to food is evident in the creative presentation of each dish, and he loves to see a smile on his customer’s face.

The menu changes monthly to keep the guests interested, and careful attention goes into every dish prepared. For starters, I enjoyed the prawn paradise with avocado, smoked salmon and prawns, a wonderful combination complemented by the sweet taste of melon.

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When it came to mains, the soft and tender duck confit with creamy lentils accompanied by sides of hand-cut seasonal vegetables was a winner. My meal was then perfectly completed with a classic crème brûlée offering a sweet melt-in-your-mouth experience.

If you appreciate French cuisine and want to relax in a welcoming atmosphere where you can have a total French foodie affair then head to The Three Ducks. Sample the delicious cuisine and wine in the quiet French atmosphere and experience a piece of France in the heart of Pretoria.


The Three Ducks
012 754 0566


Words: Lisa Dewberry | Images: Supplied

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