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Sisters, Nadia and Gisela Kruger put their heads together to finds a way to help their friend Nina Kirsten clean out her closet for a temporary move abroad. The brainstorming session soon became an idea for a recurring market where not only the trio but also the public could sell second-hand items. The Thrift Fair was born soon after and has been gracing Pretoria’s market scene since January 2015.

A thrift community

With community at the heart of The Thrift Fair its main goal is to bring people together. It acts as a platform for people to circulate and reuse excess pre-loved goods. The market has also become a space where marketgoers can be exposed to various up-and-coming artists such as Adelle Nqeto, Man The Fields and Pierre du Plessis. For those who would love a bite to eat while they shop, Everyday Gourmet Goods offers an array of delectable gourmet treats.


How it works

The Thrift Fair sources second-hand and vintage clothing as well accessories from friends, acquaintances and through Facebook. Each seller buys a starter pack with a unique number containing labels and guidelines. The participants price and label the clothing themselves and then hand it over to The Thrift Fair. At the end of each market, the participants receive a profit from the items sold. The Thrift Fair takes a percentage to cover costs. All unsold items are then either donated to charity or returned to the original owner.


Future fairs

The Thrift Fair’s next event will be bigger and better. With every event Nadia, Nina and Gisela use what they have learned to improve the market and make it a great experience for everyone. To brace you for the cold The Thrift Fair is planning to add a coffee stall along with others featuring sweet treats and other beverages. If you would like to attend the next Thrift Fair, jot down a reminder for 23 July. You can also stay updated through The Thrift Fair’s Facebook page.


The Thrift Fair

Words: Rita-Mari Ludike  | Images: Supplied, Louzelle Van Dyk and Stephanie

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