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Committed to deepening their understanding of the mind and preserving the wildlife and the natural environment of the Nkutu Nature Reserve, the Waterfall Retreat Centre in the Kloof area of KZN offers the perfect venue for a tropical retreat. Surrounded with breathtaking views and rolling landscapes of indigenous beauty to stroll through, what more could you ask for in relaxation?

At the heart of this retreat is a drive like no other – the Waterfall retreat practices mindful awareness. Hosting a variety of day retreats, classes, and Mindfulness Africa study opportunities for students at any level with a determination to develop this retreat is most definitely unique.

The centre also provides a venue for lineage teachers both local and international. The Waterfall Retreat proudly makes it known that they are honoured to be The Samye Dharma Practice Group of the Karma Kaygu Lineage in Durban.

You can spend the day practicing traditional yoga, meditating, filling your belly with a delicious (and oh-so-healthy) veggie lunch or find yourself expressing your story in a creative workshop. The Waterfall Retreat is constantly hosting events for those with an open mind or a yearning for something new.

If you’re in need of some chicken soup for the soul – put that bowl down, head out to The Waterfall Retreat Centre and breathe in some good old stress-free air.

Words: Meaghan Essel | Image: Emile Scholtz

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