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Port Shepstone has matchless setting, located around the Mzimkulu River right on one of the most untouched coastlines in the world. Port Shepstone, like most of the Kwa Zulu Natal coastline, is blessed with warm weather all year round. With this idyllic location, it’s a no-brainer that families would like to live here. Here is your Neighbourhood guide to the top schools in this area of the Durban South Coast. 

Port Shepstone Primary, Senior Primary and High School

Port Shepstone Junior Primary’s mission is to “prepare young people to meet the challenges of the future”.  The school makes it a goes above and beyond the curriculum to develop the pupils as a whole. Not only does the school place emphasis on academics, but also takes pride in its high standard of art and culture. The pupils have every opportunity to explore and discover their talents and skills, as the school offers a wide range of sport, as well as choir and rhythmic dance. Creativity is boosted and encouraged through storytelling, art and poetry. The speech and drama eisteddfod takes place annually; every class participates in choral verse and is formally adjudicated. The school has a fully equipped and functional computer lab with an excellently graded programme starting for pupils from grade R. Parents are in constant communication with the school through meetings, interviews and newsletters, while enjoying the school’s open door policy.

Port Shepstone Senior Primary School in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal

Port Shepstone Senior Primary School is a public primary school. In 2014 there were 824 registered learners. The school offers boarding and had 41 boarders in 2014, comprised of 26 females and 15 males (mixed boarding school).


  • Boarding School
  • Dinaledi School
  • No Fee School
  • Private/Independent School
  • Public School
  • Quids Up School
  • Section 21 School

039 682 2029

Port Shepstone High School 

Port Shepstone High School will strive to continue its tradition as the centre of educational excellence on the South Coast. They provide a full educational service to our children based on the pillars of knowledge and virtue embodied in sound moral and ethical standards. They do this by building a caring, involved and creative community of pupils, staff and parents; recognising and developing the unique potential of each individual and creating and exploring a challenging and dynamic learning environment;

039 682 2553

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