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Pet Palaces

There’s a trend towards pet owners having their animals’ digs as design-minded as their own, and with that comes spending significantly more on spoiling their furry progeny. There’s also the related trend of high-end designer breeds – such as the terminally hip French Bulldogs – becoming must-have status items. And when you’re dropping thousands on a dog, their accessories had better match up.

Pet Beds

While some people go all out and design dedicated pet rooms, the mass-market application of this trend is mainly around bespoke and high-end pet beds. These provide all the comfort of a standard doghouse or cat bed, but with the design sensibility to complement the rest of the room’s decor.


Locally, Kitticraft produces products in this vein, using laser-cut wood as its medium for a sophisticated, trend-right look. Internationally, we’ve seen everything from custom-designed desks with cat play tunnels to doghouses that mimic Frank Lloyd Wright homes.

Trending Pet IdeasGamla

The overall mindset is summed up by Canadian furniture designer Gamla: when it comes to design, Gamla says, “Your dog’s objects should be made with the same quality as yours.”

While the idea of luxury pet homes seems like an extravagance to many people, the motivation behind it is interesting from a social standpoint. After all, many people claim that their pets are a part of the family, and now they can provide them with the living quarters to prove it.


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Words: Chris Reid
Images: Kitticraft / Gamla

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