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UCook is here to help inspire home chefs to learn to love cooking with its easy-to-follow, stress-free meal-subscription. With our busy schedules it’s often difficult in my household to come up with unique ideas for supper. Most of the time it’s easier just doing plain-old dishes than getting creative and buying ingredients that will only be used once. So when I got the opportunity to try out UCook I suddenly found a solution to all my problems.

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This dinner-kit delivery service aims to make busy lives easier by at least having dinner “kind of” sorted for you. Run by David Torr and Christopher Verster-Cohen alongside angel investor, Klaudia Veixelbaumer, UCook has been quickly gaining popularity in Cape Town. The idea came about while David was living on takeaways in London and came across HelloFresh, a company that delivers fresh ingredients to your doorstep along with recipes – something that caught on quickly overseas. Not only was he saving money, but he was eating healthier. When he returned to South Africa he saw a gap in the market for a similar service.

image 8-compressedIt’s been a year since UCook launched and so far these 20-somethings have been reinventing the Cape Town food scene. UCook works alongside some of the hottest chefs to plan inventive and easy-to-make recipes; it then shops for ingredients, measures out the exact amount needed – ensuring that nothing is wasted – and then delivers to your home or work.

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I tried out the mielie linguine with scallions and goat’s cheese, and oyster beef with summer greens. Both were super easy to make yet extremely tasty and something I wouldn’t have thought of doing myself. I can’t wait to try out something slightly more adventurous like a risotto, soup or curry.


UCook works as a subscription service where you can choose your three meals weekly from its online menu from categories like Rustic, Vegetarian and L-Carb, and with the Flexi Package you can try out just about anything, so whatever your preference you are covered. Why three meals? Well, it’s simple: it’s so you can go out to friends’ or out for dinner without feeling the pressure of wasting food. And with the world wasting one-third of all food produced, it’s something we should all by mindful of.


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Words: Charis Le Riche
Images: Supplied

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