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No longer reserved for your grandfather or his friends, brandy has been making a steady comeback as the go-to drink for discerning drinkers throughout South Africa. At the forefront of this spirit revolution is Urban Brandy, whose goal is to share the love of brandy and enlighten South Africans about this delicious distilled drink.

The brandy experience

When it started, Urban Brandy was an experience-based initiative created to educate the public about brandy in its different guises. Having launched in Cape Town, within a few years it quickly gained a reputation of being associated with the best venues and most memorable events on the social calendar, as well as the most amazing drinks. Moving away from classic gin- and vodka-based cocktails, these creations celebrate the beauty of brandy cocktails and pair them perfectly with delicious food and entertainment. As South African brandies in particular are associated with growing international acclaim, Urban Brandy aims to showcase brandy’s versatility, while simultaneously celebrating its history.

R62 Daisy cup-compressed

Shake it up

South African brandies have come a long way since they were first created by Dutch travellers distilling their wine in order to make it last longer on ship journeys. Today, Urban Brandy has been mixing and shaking premium brandies in some of the newest and most exciting cocktails to hit South African bars, constantly researching and refining them to create premium celebratory drinks. Though favourites like the Collison’s Cosmo and the Klipdrift Gold Julep are always available, Urban Brandy cocktail venues work hard to introduce new cocktail variations, like the cream-based Afropolitan Sundowner.

Collison's Cosmo-compressed

Quench your thirst

To try one of these Urban Brandy creations, you don’t have to wait for one of the special events, though it’s definitely worth following the Facebook page so that you know when they come up. Urban Brandy has partnered with cocktail hot spots throughout the city to offer you delicious brandy cocktails all year round, so look out for them on the menus at Social on Main in Bryanston, Rim & Rubber Assembly in Greenside, The Generator in Parkmore, or the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel just to name a few – check them out online for more.

Afropolitan Sundowner-compressed

Urban Brandy


Words: Lucy Sarah Heaney | Images: Supplied

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