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At the heart of Port Elizabeth’s creative hub, Donkin Village Creative Quarter in Central, is an unassuming coffee shop called Urban Espresso Coffee Co.

This is where some – probably most – of the people based at Donkin Village congregate over a good cup of coffee. And more and more people outside the hub are starting to discover this little secret. Situated in a courtyard which forms part of the ongoing urban city regeneration, Urban Espresso is also the ideal spot for people based in the city centre to escape their workspace and enjoy a light breakfast or lunch.

Urban Epsress4-compressed

While overlooking a parking lot might not be the ideal view, looking beyond that – to the old city buildings, one of them with a trendy rooftop event venue – and catching glimpses of the sea between the buildings is enough to make you forget about work and enjoy, and even rediscover, the city.


Urban Espresso offers breakfast (7am – 11am), sandwiches (7am – 3pm) and burgers (11am – 3pm).

And so it was on a Friday afternoon, after what felt like a very long week, that two colleagues and I decided to have lunch at Urban Espresso.

I chose the hazelnut iced coffee while my colleagues opted for the freshly squeezed green-apple juice and spiced chai latte. To eat we had two bacon and cheese burgers with chips, and a salami, mozzarella, tomato pesto and rocket ciabatta. The drinks were refreshing, and the food was just enough to satiate without making you feel like you need to have a siesta straight afterwards.


My colleagues’ fare – the apple juice and ciabatta – looked appetising and I’ll definitely be back to try that.

Urban Espresso Coffee Co.

041 581 3390


Words: Karen van Rooyen
Images: Karen van Rooyen and Fredlin Adriaan

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