Nation Builder partnerships inform innovative social investment strategies with sustainable results

The Val de Vie Estate outside Paarl announced the launch of a fresh structure to their foundation that models the estate’s generous approach to business, while encouraging homeowners to do the same by getting involved in the communities around the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley.

In partnership with the Nation Builder business community, their online self-assessment and accompanying resources, the Val de Vie Foundation embarked on a journey of ensuring it had the greatest possible social impact.

“The mandate of the Val de Vie Foundation is to offer youth and leadership development, to enable access to education, to facilitate job creation and to carry out projects of social and spiritual concern for the relief of communities in distress,” said Martin Venter, Founder of Val de Vie Estate and Foundation.

A percentage of the sales of the Val de Vie Estate stands are put into the foundation, as well as a percentage of all 1095 property Phase Two levies and event proceeds. They have also added a voluntary additional levy to Phase One home-owners that will go towards the fund. The Val de Vie Foundation is encouraging all residents to sign-up and volunteer in different manners within the NPO partnerships that they have with NPOs in the valley.

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