Over the last few years, beer has had a complete makeover. No longer reserved for men in pubs and dads at braais, the growing popularity of craft beer, home brews, and light beers has given beer a new look and a new spot in bars and parties around the world. Included in increasingly popular beers are varieties all the way from Mexico – with Labels like Sol and Corona readily available, aided by the growing popularity of Mexican food in Joburg. The latest trend from Mexico, however, is a little more unusual and exciting than just standard beer. Introducing the michelada.

Cerveza Preparada

One of the most popular drinks in Mexico, the michelada is a “cerveza preparada” – a term used in Mexico for beer mixed with tomato juice, hot sauce, or salsa. Essentially a beer-based cocktail, the michelada mixes lime, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and tomato juice with beer. The drink is then served with ice in a glass with a salted rim. As with any great cocktail, there are variations, and your end result is often influenced by whoever is serving the drink. For example, some Mexican establishments choose to use Clamato juice, a mixture of clam broth and tomato juice, to give the drink a distinctive taste and add to its salty zest.


In many ways, the michelada is the cheeky Mexican brother of the Bloody Mary. Also believed by many to be the ultimate hangover cure and the perfect drink to accompany spicy food, the michelada is surprisingly drinkable and delicious. And perhaps best of all, you can play with the recipe yourself and make small adjustments to come up with a flavour that suits you best. Worldwide, bartenders are taking the basics of the michelada and breaking them down, only to build them up again to satisfy a variety of palates and menus. The result? A tasty, interesting, and refreshing beer cocktail that will satisfy your thirst at any time of day.

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Words: Lucy Sarah Heaney
Images: iStock


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