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Words: Candice Botha | Image: Shutterstock

In years gone by, it’s been no question that a swimming pool would add value to a residential property, but in these times of eco-awareness, it’s not as straightforward an issue and both buyers and sellers may be wondering if a pool still adds value to your home.

“It is a very debatable topic as to whether building a swimming pool will add value to your home and some agents are of the opinion that having a swimming pool on your property may increase your property value by up to 10%,” says Lee Ellis, principal, Tyson Properties Westville.

“Swimming pools are very popular in Durban with our warm weather, so they definitely add value,” notes Chris Tyson, CEO, Tyson Properties. “However, if the property doesn’t already have a pool when the seller puts it on the market, I would not recommend that people put one in to sell the property. I would advise them to rather discount the property with the cost of a pool.”

The needs of the buyer are obviously the main factor with young families having a pool on their wish list, while retirees looking to downsize may no longer want the hassle of a pool.

“The important factor when deciding whether to build a swimming pool is to establish what personal value the swimming pool will add to your family’s life,” advises Ellis.

“The cost of building and maintaining a swimming pool is expensive and the investment should be treated as a source of pleasure for your family and friends.”

Shaun du Bois, principal, Just Property Pietermaritzburg and Midlands, says, “The days of actually ‘swimming’ in a pool are mostly gone and people now jump in and cool down. A small pool is often a better, more affordable option.”

What if you already have a large, old-fashioned pool? Renovating it is often as expensive as building a new one.

Tyson notes that some buyers may be put off by the maintenance of a large pool, but one in good condition is generally attractive, especially when combined with a great entertainment area.

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