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While the Winelands are often thought of as a holiday destination – or at least the ideal place to go on a day trip – they are fast becoming areas to buy property in, as Cape Town gets more and more expensive. The most popular Winelands suburbs for under 30s are naturally linked to areas that are family-friendly and have good schools. Here are our top picks.


North of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, Paarl is a family-friendly suburb with large properties, big gardens and a host of good schools. It’s a fairly long commute to Cape Town (just under an hour), but the perks of being able to buy a sizeable property for less than a tiny one closer to Cape Town make it worth it for many families.


While Stellenbosch is most famous for its university and the college vibe this lends the village, it has a number of good schools and some beautiful old homes that are spacious and with large gardens, ideal for families. Many companies have Stellenbosch satellite offices, so it’s an option for those able to work in the area, and the drive into Cape Town is manageable for many.


Wellington offers some very affordable and very spacious properties for those who don’t mind being situated a 45-minute drive from Cape Town. It has its own wine route and is only 15 minutes drive from Paarl, making all the schools and amenities of Paarl just around the corner. With beautiful mountain views and a charming old-town feel, Wellington is the undiscovered village in the Winelands.


Finding the right property in the Winelands means testing out how you feel about the various suburbs… Which is another good excuse for more visits to the Winelands, wine tasting included!

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