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The recently launched Devonbosch is a new mixed-use development in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands offering residents a lifestyle where retail, business and recreation are all part of the deal. Situated on the corner of the R304 and the Bottelary Road, it links easily onto the N1 highway, making it both accessible and visible. “Once completed, Devonbosch will be a vibrant and economically sustainable town, offering residents world-class innovation with a vision that encompasses some 80ha of green parklands and waterways – an urban playground in the heart of the Winelands,” says Pieter van der Westhuizen, managing director of Square Turn Developments.

Devonbosch building


The development is designed to ease the demands on the environment by managing water resources, providing sustainable energy and implementing internal waste recycling measures. The commitment to sustainability also extends to the design of buildings through environmentally sound practices such as the installation of double-glazed windows, photo voltaic panels, smart cooling and heating installations and other initiatives.

A progressive, fully-fledged mixed-use precinct, the expansive Devonbosch accommodates a wide range of home and amenity choices in close proximity to each other and within an integrated, walkable environment. “Walkability is a quality found in mostly older and established world cities and towns. We all love to visit and explore these places on foot, but it’s something we should also consider when we build for ourselves. We should not place as much importance on the use of our private cars,” says Van der Westhuizen. “We, as a 21st century society, have overlooked the pleasures of a lingering walk amidst our busy routines, which we strongly believe can be reintroduced at Devonbosch.”

By providing convenient parking options beneath buildings or behind structures to keep vehicles out of sight, public spaces remain decluttered and free of cars. Broad and open walkways for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the development encourage everyone to get active and to use the parks as breakout areas. All the buildings are linked by multiple access roads, pedestrian walkways and various modes of public transport, so it is easy to get everywhere on foot.

Devonbosch access patrol


When it comes to safety and security, the development will be linked to a smart camera surveillance system that monitors the precinct 24/7. As it is an urban town and not a gated security estate, access is not restricted during the day. Normal on-site activity and a sense of community responsibility ensure that all suspicious behaviour is reported to an on-site security team while maintaining the sense of an open, suburban area. After hours, access is restricted at the main entrance where people and vehicles are recorded and only granted access for valid reasons. Patrols during the night ensure everyone’s safety.

The development will offer bespoke residential units for all stages of life. “Over time, there will be a combination of small apartments available for single people and larger units for families,” says Van der Westhuizen. “As you progress through the various stages of life, there will be a residential option tailor-made for you. Similarly for businesses, varied commercial options will cater to expansion and downscaling.”


Devonbosch offers custom-made premises to meet the needs of both young start-up businesses and multi-national corporations. “Since inception, the decision was taken to invest in an urban design framework to ensure that these qualities are always front of mind,” says Van der Westhuizen. “It adds value to the lifestyle here.” Devonbosch is located on one of the last large vacant portions of land on the urban edge of Stellenbosch. “It’s a project for the broader Winelands and a prime opportunity to repurpose and rehabilitate industrial land, and at the same time uplift the broader Koelenhof community,” he says.


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