With colder temperatures setting in, Durbanville Hills has welcomed Winter with a specialised Winter Menu.

A reasonably priced menu, there is a range of delicious starters to choose from which includes velvety homemade gnocchi, seared salmon and a range of oysters served with the most decadent sides.

Paired with some of the best wines the estate has to offer, the introduction of the menu did not disappoint.

For a choice of mains, on offer is an array of meats such as succulent beef fillets, rich venison cuts, a new take on chicken and the freshest fish around, a spicy cauliflower pilaf for vegetarians along with sides fit for royalty.
We all know the term “we eat with our eyes first” and Durbanville Hills has surely done that phrase justice. Attention to detail on the plating is evident in each dish as it is beautifully presented.

Durbanville Hills

A revised dessert menu includes spiced poached pear, camembert, red wine syrup, rosemary and sesame brittle, a silky smooth lemon and ricotta tart with grilled apples, a berry rice pudding with meringue, coconut dust and homemade pistachio ice cream, my personal favourite the chocolate tian consisting of a white chocolate panna cotta, dark chocolate mousse, thyme tuile, chocolate sprinkle, cranberry coulis.

Durbanvill Hills 05

All of these dishes are available for pairing with the estate’s spectacular wines. So, whether you are looking for a day out with your significant other or a day to treat the family this Winter, the picturesque Durbanville Hills restaurant is the place to be.

Durbanville Hills 

Words: Lauren Daniels | Images: Supplied

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