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Flooring treatments can be the defining feature of a home, placing it squarely within a specific style context. From the refined parquet of old flats to the shiny linoleum of suburban bungalows to the terracotta tiles of ’90s renovations, each style has a story to tell. The current trend is generally back towards either concrete or wood flooring again, but the most interesting developments lately have been in the latter.

Wood Flooring Treatments

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a trend towards wood with a heavily distressed, almost burnt finish. It’s different from traditional stains and varnishes, however, in that the wood is literally distressed and not simply painted to look the part.

At interior trade shows, pieces are often put through their paces – they are smoked, charred and boiled in oil to create a deep, dark finish. It’s a continuation of the trend towards heritage and heirloom items, and immediately imbues pieces and spaces with a sense of timeworn appeal.

Stein residence Old World Collection- Montguyon & Sagonne Sierra Collection -Chiaro (2)-min

Black Wood

At the consumer end of the spectrum, we’re seeing the black wood trend surfacing subtly in wooden flooring and furniture.

As Barry Solomon from Cape Town’s BestWood Flooring says, “After years of relatively lighter and neutral tones, we are seeing a return to the assuredness of a richer, deeper look.” Most homeowners would balk at floors and furniture that look like they’ve survived a blaze, but the appeal of pieces that look like they’ve survived the decades with some scars to prove it seem to be more than welcome.

BestWood Sagonne- Mixed Grade-min

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Words: Chris Reid
Images: BestWood Flooring

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