Philip Viljoen, assistant winemaker, Bon Courage Wine Estate

Philip Viljoen-compressed

What do you enjoy most about making wine at Bon Courage?

Working on an estate, we are able to control the winemaking process from vineyard to cellar, as we have the facilities to grow, make and bottle the wine on the estate. The wine never leaves our sight from start to finish.

Any influential mentors in the world of wine?

I have a few. For attention to detail: Charles Hopkins. Bartho Eksteen also comes to mind for originality; his passion is just amazing. And of course here at Bon Courage I have a lot of respect for the Bruwer family.

What has been the highlight of your time in the wine industry?

Being named Diners Club Young Winemaker of the Year 2015. But most of all, I’m just so happy and privileged to have found a profession that I truly enjoy day after day.


Ricardo Cloete, assistant winemaker: white wines, Fleur du Cap

Ricardo Cloete - Assistant Winemaker of White Wines (11)-compressed

What sparked your passion for wine?

The interesting fact that you can turn a fruit into such a complex and versatile product that can be appreciated and enjoyed by many people.

Who has been your biggest influence in winemaking?

My mentors from the three years I spent in the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme: Charles Hopkins, Abrie Beeslaar and David Finlayson. Each of them played a different and unique role in the development of my career.

If you could take just one wine with you to a desert island?

It would have to be the lovely Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Chardonnay 2014.


Anné van Heerden, winemaker, Alvi’s Drift


What first sparked your interest in wine?

Art was my passion when I was younger and I see winemaking very much as an art form. This sparked an interest, which grew over time and blossomed into a passion and career.

Your “desert island” wine?

A good, fresh Chenin Blanc. Luckily for us in South Africa, we have plenty to choose from.

What’s your ten-year career plan?

I would like to gain more international experience in tasting and production and develop some wine styles that will become known as South African icon wines.  I would also like to contribute to the development of the South African wine industry ultimately, always improving on my “wine canvas”.


Bon Courage Wine Estate


Fleur du Cap


Alvi’s Drift


Words: Richard Holmes | Images: Supplied

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