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House-hunters know the feeling well: they walk into a house and love it straight away. They love the sun streaming through the entrance hall. They love the wooden floors, the high ceilings and the spacious bedrooms. And then they walk into the kitchen and their hearts sink. In the bathroom, their hearts sink even further. Outdated and unrenovated kitchens and bathrooms can significantly decrease the value of a home. Failing to renovate yours can be the very thing that prevents your “For sale” sign from turning to “Sold”.

According to South African home loan experts ooba, new, modern kitchens are often the greatest asset for a house on the market. But kitchen renovations can be expensive to undertake, and if you’re renovating for the purpose of selling your home, you’re going to want to be mindful of the money you’re investing.

Bathroom renovations, on the other hand, can be done relatively inexpensively – especially if you keep the existing plumbing in place – and can still offer an exceptional return on investment.

“Homeowners love the allure of a beautiful and tasteful bathroom,” says Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing at LIXIL Africa. “They’re likely to notice the attention to detail put into a successful renovation, and to see this as indicative of a home that has been cared for and loved. It’s also possible that they will start to imagine themselves in this private space and, by extension, the rest of the house too.”

A well-considered layout, a freshly enamelled bath, newly regrouted tiles and a modern shower are sure to impress. But the changes needn’t be as significant as that. “Even installing new towel rails and mirrors, and replacing your bathrooms taps, mixers and showerheads, can leave a lasting impression on a potential buyer,” Stride adds.

Cobra has a wide range of fittings designed to suit every taste and budget. And their benefits aren’t purely aesthetic: Cobra’s collections also offer water and energy savings and come with a warranty of up to 20 years. With these products in your bathroom, you’re sure make it appear sleek and stylish.

The quality of your kitchen and bathroom make up a considerable portion of the value of your home, and will heavily affect its resale value. Of course, even if you’re not yet considering selling your house, renovating it for the sake of creating a home you love to live in – and a bathroom you love to use – is just as good a reason. For more information and other fresh ideas on products that can revolutionise your space, take a browse through the Cobra collections profiled on the LIXIL Africa website.

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