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Yummy Mummy Maternity is a maternity fashion brand created by Katie Borland specialising in seamless garments and including an eco-friendly bamboo range. Over the years, the business has expanded its product range and now offers a complete maternity wear solution as well as a new organic skincare range for pregnant women.


YN: How did your business start?

Katie: I started Yummy Mummy Maternity eight years ago as a wholesale and online business. As we grew, we wanted our own retail space to showcase the brand, and incorporate a Yummy Baby section, headed up by Dominique Olivier. Two years ago, we found the perfect space on 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, and the Yummy Mummy Maternity and Yummy Baby flagship store was born.

YN: Why did you choose this area to set up shop?

Katie: There is a thriving market for yummy mummies and babies in Parkhurst. It can also be a lovely day out, with shopping and great restaurants in our street, so it’s a great destination venue.

YN: How did you find your premises?

Katie: We were looking for a studio/retail space and loved the corner shop with parking which had just come onto the market. It was a combo of perfect timing and fate.

YN: Why are the premises ideally suited to your business?

Katie: The shop is in a busy street with lots of different options – something for everyone. The space suits our brand perfectly; it’s on a corner with great light, a clean white interior, big windows,  gorgeous wooden floors and moulded ceilings.

YN: Who are your neighbours?

Katie: We have everything from a tattoo parlour, to a specialty lingerie store, and restaurants and great coffee shops down the road.

YN: What are the shop rental/ sales prices like in this area?

Katie: They vary up and down the road. Ours rental price pretty competitive.

YN: How many people go through your store each day?

Katie: Our shop is a destination, people come from far and wide to visit us and this can range from day to day.

YN: Do you have any expansion plans?

Katie: Absolutely, this is our flagship store – watch this space.

Yummy Mummy09-min

YN: Do you operate online as well?

Katie: Yes, we have a successful online business:

YN: What’s your most popular item?

Katie: The Yummy Mummy Tummy Belly Band is the cult product that started it all – no one leaves the store without one.

Yummy Mummy

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Words: Georgina Guedes
Images: Supplied

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